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Evie Abat

Evie Abat is an actor, known for SugarBerries (2014) and Again (2004).


Susie Abraham

Susie Abraham is known for her work on Dumped (2010), Valentine's Day (2010) and Together (2006).


Niyanta Acharya

Niyanta Acharya is an actress, known for Planes (2013), Breaking Tradition (2015) and Maya's Weddin...

12 Scenes

Ayesha Adamo

Ayesha Adamo is an actress, known for Fission (2006), Evangeleo (2007) and Overheard in NYC (2008)....

3 Scenes

Maurissa Afanador

Maurissa Afanador is an actress and writer, known for The Nice People Who Died (2010) and ACME Holl...


Alexa Alexander

Alexa Alexander is an actress, known for Thomas in Bloom (2006) and A Mother's Love (2012).


Gabriel B. Alexander

Gabriel grew up in South America, is trilingual and has traveled the world. Before moving to Califo...

3 Scenes

Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali is an actor, known for Only in L.A. (2013), Genesis: Cain & Abel (2012) and We Were H...

3 Scenes

Michael Scott Allen

Michael Scott Allen is a professional actor born and raised in Arlington, TX, and residing in Los A...