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Suspect Ryan Taylor

A girl pleads her case and firmly states her innocence.

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Victim Summer Roberts

Allison has a gun and is threatening to kill her boyfriend if he beats her one more time.


College Student Grace Rehorn

Terrified "good girl" is interrogated about the disappearance of a friend who she left drunk at a pa...

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Suspect bernadett belinda york

A woman explaining to the detective why she killed her mother

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Hacker Vincent Chimato

A Lead Tech graciously guides his team in their quest to capture the perpetrator.

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Detective Matt Odachowski

A rookie detective discusses a case with a veteran partner.

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Hostage Darby Steeves

Hostage pleads/bargains with her captor to let her friends go.

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CSI Tech Lynn Carter

Quirky lab tech makes a huge discovery in the case.

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FBI Agent Milan Christopher

Detective persuades the accused to change his version of the story.

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Psychopath Tessa Markle

A psychotic killer reveals the gruesome details of the murder she committed.

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Detective Danielle Kronenberg

Detective interrogates criminal about a diamond heist.

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Suspect Dre Matthews

Guy being interrogated trying to convince the cops of his innocence.

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Detective Kristian Merrill

A detective persuades his boss to back him up throughout the investigation.


Victim Zahara Willis

Trish is being questioned by a detective about her rape.


Lab Technician Sarah Hoback

A scientist patiently tries to explain to a detective why the suspect couldn't have committed the cr...


Husband DeMark Thompson

A former operative who's wife was killed by mistake, decides to take matters into his own hands.