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Bar Patron Craig Cox

Guy is trying to impress a woman at a bar with a magic trick. Which he completely screws up (I've al...


Nerd Kellen Quinn

Nerdy kid trying to fit in by saying he's smoked pot.


Co Worker DeMark Thompson

A nervous man tries to praise his female co worker and instead botches his speech and makes it worse...

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Leading Man Cynthia Sabo

A man accidentally mistakes a woman for his mother and progressively makes the conversation worse.


Restaurant Patron Harrison Post

A Sheldon Cooper-esque character sits alone at an ethnic restaurant and questions the concept of fus...

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Awkward Virgin Joe Cisternelli

At the end of their first date Adam (me) tries to communicate his feelings to the girl of his dreams...

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Dreamer/Lovable Lose Tara Smoker

Excited to be on a first date with a guy she has secretly had a crush on, Jill thinks it's going gre...