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Doctor Dennis Alonzo

A doctor uses sarcasm to diagnose his patient.

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Friend Ryan Taylor

A server dishes on all the incoveniences of her job.

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Romantic Lead Summer Roberts

Emily is telling her friend about her perfect day. She is ecstatic because she saw her favorite cele...

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Mistress Summer Roberts

A young woman seduces her colleague in hopes of obtaining vital information.


Wife Laura Crane

A conflicted young woman seeks the help of her “friend.”

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Publicist Jonathan Hadley

A busy publicist reveals plan to make their latest client a star.

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Girlfriend Eimanne Zein

Girlfriend is questioning her boyfriend's commitment to the relationship.

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Daughter Scott Leibow

Lilly is talking to her Mom about the ups and downs of high school.

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Daughter Nadia Henry

Spoiled daughter brags about getting her first job.


Best Friend Milly Sanders

A bridesmaid breaks the news to the bride that her soon to be husband is a cheater.


Intern Sierra Narciese

A rising professional awkwardly flirts with her boss.

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Daughter ZZ Moor

A woman gets an unpleasant surprise on her first day at the job.

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Crisis Manager Jocelyn Ranne

A progressive analyst has a powerful realization while providing counsel.

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Friend LeA'nda S-j

Woman is jealous of the new friend that her best friend started hanging out with.

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Student Indie Nameth

A smart, independent young girl has a few suggestions for her teacher.


High School Student Zahara Willis

An independent woman tells a persistent football jock the reasons why she is not going out with him....


Journalist Robert Reinhardt

Journalist tells his editor about a story that would unveil the illegal practices of the German gove...


Sister Tracy Herreros

Sister reprimands brother about domestic chores