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Husband Christopher Tessla

A husband nervously denies to his wife a brief, deadly encounter with a stripper.


Surfer Jacob Makabi

Surfer begs his coach to allow him to compete.


Hacker Vincent Chimato

A Lead Tech graciously guides his team in their quest to capture the perpetrator.

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Survivor Vincent Chimato

A passionate man tells the love of his life how he feels about her.


Detective Matt Odachowski

A rookie detective discusses a case with a veteran partner.

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Mistress Yasemin Allen

Katie tells Jason she can't keep seeing him, because she has fallen in love with him and it hurts to...


Therapist Kathleen Kitts

Therapist tells cops she cannot testify due to doctor/patient confidentiality.


Villian Allana Davis

Ex-bank teller robbed a bank after she was unfairly let go.

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Wife Jessica DeLeon

A determined woman confronts her cheating husband.

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Medical Examiner Lisa Harris

A sarcastic medical examiner tells the detective that the victim's death was a homicide.

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Neighbor Samantha Wimmer

A young woman cannot handle her neighbor's dog any longer.

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Suspect Dre Matthews

Guy being interrogated trying to convince the cops of his innocence.

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Office Worker Kristi Hughes

An office worker convinces her boss's son to secretly pretend that he's her child in order to hide t...

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Doctor Evan Thomas

A doctor delivers tragic news to the patient’s father.

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Daughter Callie Gilbert

A daughter is fed up with her mother’s crazy choices and is moving away with her father.