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Father Christopher Tessla

Father warning his son about girls whose sole mission is to get pregnant and force a guy into marria...

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Sociopath Brooks Reinhart

Teenage sociopath having a confrontation with an adult

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Doctor Tim Delano

Doctor trying to reassure an asthmatic child


Nurse Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

Nurse calling a patient to receive his shots.

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Therapist Christopher Brown

A therapist has a first date in 10 years with a person he met on Tinder.


Lawyer Kevin Kugley

An attorney that is trapped that has to do the right thing in a bad situation.


Boyfriend Johnathon Prichard

boyfriend and girlfriend, talking then turns into fight, ends with them discovering they love each o...

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Lawyer Adora Sas

Compassionate lawyer appealing to a jury about her client, a woman who has been wrongfully accused o...


Mother Adora Sas

A young mother is at a hospital and has just received the news that her daughter who has been in an ...


Upperclass Woman Adora Sas

Socialite telling her ex-husband’s lawyer’s that she’ll sue him for every penny / destroy him.

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Date Adora Sas

A young woman casually dressed on an informal first date at a cafe. The guy is cheap, the food is te...

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Father Marquis Harper

talking to daughter about being safe and to please stay away from a boy

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Husband Marquis Harper

Trying to get out of going shopping to be able to watch the game with the boys

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Mother Glenn Takakjian

Helping Mom understand the psychological factors in the workplace.