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Wife Theresa Hayes

A woman blackmails her husband into signing divorce papers without making a scene.

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Friend Sean Simmons

Justin tell his best friend he had sex with her best friend in her parent's home on Thanksgiving.

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Activist Adriana Colón

Carina convinces Eduardo to not go with her to a protest because she can tell he's still shaken up f...


Surfer Jacob Makabi

Surfer begs his coach to allow him to compete.

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Lawyer Georgina Bekerian

A lawyer graciously intimidates her opponent.

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Date Tracy Sabo

Awkwardly flirting with a new love interest.


Lady of the Court Matilda Del Toro

The Lady of the Court finds her power and stands up to a King who has kept her under his control.

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Nurse bernadett belinda york

A nurse tries to convince her supervisor to bend the rules and allow a young woman to see her father...


High School Student Alexis Ward

The popular girl-next-door consoles her nerdy male neighbor about not having a date for homecoming.

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Detective Matt Odachowski

A rookie detective discusses a case with a veteran partner.

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Date Matt Odachowski

Guy on a blind date that turns into a disastrous adventure.

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CSI Tech Lynn Carter

Quirky lab tech makes a huge discovery in the case.

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Sociopath Laura Crane

A young woman imposes her authority on a fellow student.


Detective Kendall Linzee

Detective Thompson interrogates suspect connected with mob hit.

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Publicist Jonathan Hadley

A busy publicist reveals plan to make their latest client a star.

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Coach Jamal Johnson

Retired athlete gives a motivational speech.


Student Joshua Uduma

First African-American student of an all white 1960s university.

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FBI Agent Milan Christopher

Detective persuades the accused to change his version of the story.


Girlfriend Chrissy Conway

Girlfriend talking to her boyfriend about his messy habits around the house.