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Hacker Vincent Chimato

A Lead Tech graciously guides his team in their quest to capture the perpetrator.

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CSI Tech Lynn Carter

Quirky lab tech makes a huge discovery in the case.


Detective Kendall Linzee

Detective Thompson interrogates suspect connected with mob hit.


Dirty Cop Daniel Ortiz

Talking my partner about not leaving me behind with the street hustlers.

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FBI Agent Milan Christopher

Detective persuades the accused to change his version of the story.

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Lawyer Samuel Lewis

A passionate lawyer is lecturing a witness on morality.

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Detective Danielle Kronenberg

Detective interrogates criminal about a diamond heist.

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Detective Kristian Merrill

A detective persuades his boss to back him up throughout the investigation.


Rookie Jye Frasca

Undercover Rookie Cop confronts his enemy with a life or death ultimatum.

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Lawyer Jye Frasca

Lawyer confronts opposing council about burying evidence to try and win a case.

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Detective Rose Hernandez

A detective pleads with her sole witness to be cooperative in solving the case.

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Detective Rayra Gracie

Detective is telling her husband and partner that she won't give up on a case even if it interferes ...


FBI Agent Marita Sobel

A rising Detective interrogates a mom for the location of her suspected terrorist son.