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Crisis Manager Jocelyn Ranne

A progressive analyst has a powerful realization while providing counsel.


Romantic Lead Jocelyn Ranne

A vulnerable woman is asking the guy she is dating to be honest with her about his feelings.

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Wife Jocelyn Ranne

A responsible wife is fed up with her husband’s physical and emotional abuse.

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Queen Jocelyn Ranne

A queen decides the fate of a captured adversary, who is raging, obsessive, and terrifying.


Assistant Jocelyn Ranne

An assistant is calling out her politician boss on his behavior.

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Boyfriend Thomas McNamara

A sweet guy telling a girl he likes that he doesn't want to be her stupid friend he wants to be her ...

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Young Lawyer Eilis McMahon

Young Lawyer examining a witness and knows she has just won her case by the evidence she has just pr...

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Mother Marilyn Berney

A Jewish motha, complaining about either her husband or her children... Dry Humor


Sorority Queen Megan McKenzie

The Regina George (mean girls) of Sororities; she's the bitchy one the other girls are afraid of. P...


Daughter Chloe O'Shannon

like winona ryder in beetlejuice- strange, unusual, brooding (wears all black)-convinced there is a ...


school girl Chloe O'Shannon

can you just edit the scene a little bit?.. can you make it so the bullying had happened to her.. an...


classmate Chloe O'Shannon

giving a eulogy for a classmate who did not have good qualities (not particularly nice to anyone, mo...

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Serial Killer Maurissa Afanador

Amanda, the unassuming nurse's aide, implies she is / confesses to being the sicko putting body part...


Office Worker Maurissa Afanador

Go in whatever direction you'd like, but here's one: Molly accepts her fate as the low woman on the ...

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Witness Megan McKenzie

Witness might be wrong about the man she trusted


Mother Tamra Meskimen

Mom feels guilty because her last talk with her daughter was an argument


Lawyer Tamra Meskimen

Attorney needs junior attorney to be more competent