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Nurse Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

Nurse calling a patient to receive his shots.


Salesperson Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

A customer service representative counsels a challenging customer over the phone.


Daughter Olivia Patterson

Daughter is pleading with her dad to not ground her.

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College Student Danny Fetter

In a date (or meet-cute) type scene a young man repeatedly puts his foot in his mouth.

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Girlfriend Ariel Thompson

A young girl confronts her best friend when she discovers that she hooked up with her boyfriend. Sh...

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Witch Arantxa Alducin

Something along the lines that showcases a "cool character" that can fight but yet at the same time ...

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Best Friend Brooke Clendenen

Response to friend being cheated on - asshole/how dumb men seem to be (there's porn for relief/idiot...


Criminal Kholan Studie

Killer has job to do too & wants to know who sent victim; tell truth you live


Best Friend Alex Paige Fream

Logical sarcastic Felix from Odd Couple type best friend calling his friend out for his laid back qu...


Daughter Alicia Gakima

Sorority girl turned hippie. After graduating college Julia spends a whole summer in India. Her once...

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Son Beau Swartz

son justifies selling pot to kids

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Quirky Blind Date Maki Suzuki-Lopez

She is on a date. She can't stop talking. She talks very fast and with alot of energy. Makes it supe...

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Nagging Girlfriend Maki Suzuki-Lopez

Boyfriend admits to cheating on her, but says that all of her nagging drove him to it. She's afraid...

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Romantic Interest Beau Swartz

He's angry that she wants him to pretend to go out with her just to make her ex jealous. She says i...


Mobster's Daughter Alicia Gakima

An activist tries to convince the preacher's daughter that her father isn't the man she thinks he is...

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Office Prankster Kholan Studie

Both off from work, the two complain about their respective, crappy jobs. They both try to one up e...


Teen Mom Quartay Denaya

A social worker (and struggling single mom herself) promises to be there for a pregnant soon-to-be T...


Vengeful Detective Danny Fetter

Vengeful villain is a young detective speaking to his little sister's kidnapper. He informs the soc...


Suspicious Manager Arantxa Alducin

Lovable Loser upset that Witty Best Friend is going out to lunch with a guy in the the office she li...


Runaway Quartay Denaya

Girl next door in a bad situation. She's a runaway from a broken home. Wants to be good but is force...

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Boyfriend Thomas McNamara

A sweet guy telling a girl he likes that he doesn't want to be her stupid friend he wants to be her ...