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Wife Theresa Hayes

A woman blackmails her husband into signing divorce papers without making a scene.


Wife Lahela Garner

A wife says her final goodbye to her dying partner at the hospital.

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Director Lahela Garner

A director provides feedback to one of the actors.

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Lady of the Court Matilda Del Toro

The Lady of the Court finds her power and stands up to a King who has kept her under his control.

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Girlfriend Matilda Del Toro

A girlfriend is fed up with all her boyfriend's strange requests.


Student Joshua Uduma

First African-American student of an all white 1960s university.


Father Corey Cox

I would play the father role such as Blackish, Modern Family, etc...

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Boyfriend Christian Garcia

Alex fears his girlfriend is sleeping with the mailman.

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Criminal Christian Garcia

Eduardo is being interrogated by his crime boss who thinks he snitched. This scene must contain some...


Ambassador Justin Molina

Two U.S Diplomats discuss their options dealing with a tense situation affecting the Ambassador.

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Medical Examiner Lisa Harris

A sarcastic medical examiner tells the detective that the victim's death was a homicide.


Suspect Dre Matthews

Guy being interrogated trying to convince the cops of his innocence.

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Florist Jon-Mark Hurley

A snobby florist advises a customer on which flowers he will and won't work with for her wedding.

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Suspect Jon-Mark Hurley

Guy is trying to convince the police officer of his innocence.


Lawyer Jon-Mark Hurley

Lawyer is determined to save an elderly neighbor from being admitted into a nursing home.


Chief FBI Officer Tommie Jenkins

Ray is ordered to step down from his position as director of homeland security, after being accused ...


Doctor Tommie Jenkins

A doctor blames the hospital for the death of his patient.