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Quirky Blind Date Maki Suzuki-Lopez

She is on a date. She can't stop talking. She talks very fast and with alot of energy. Makes it supe...

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Office Worker Glen Alexander

Bradley explains how dust (the accumulation of it in/on top of his desk/workspace) stresses him out ...

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Office Worker Eric Peterson

hyper expressive,quirky office guy admits to camera bizzare habits on the job.(cut to scenes of savi...

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Office Worker Jonathan Popp

Big Lebowski type man-boy character taking to HR about his career goals/lack there of. Maybe all he...

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Romantic Lead Alayjah Watson

Ali laments to her best friend Jake about not being able to find "Mr. Right"; unfortunately she's un...

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Presentation Designer Kristina Casey

An overworked, over qualified presentation designer tells HR that the President/CEO wants her to inc...


Mechanic Jesse Mackey

Auto mechanic tries to figure out what's going on with Jim and Michael


Reverend Carolyn Wilson

Minister Gail begins the baptismal ceremony of Jim and Pam's baby

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Office Worker Shari Gulley

Something similar to Angela Tom's "highlighter" scene you did a couple weeks ago...hilarious, but sh...


Intern Lauren Howard Brown

Jenna, the clueless office intern, professes her school girl crush to her boss in front of the entir...


Personal Trainer Michael Polak

The Personal Trainer has just found out that his favorite client has left him to train with another ...

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Office Worker Maurissa Afanador

Go in whatever direction you'd like, but here's one: Molly accepts her fate as the low woman on the ...

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Secretary Yolanda Felton

Overworked secretary tries to convince her over-the-top boss to allow her to take a "personal day" s...


Medical Intern Zach Mink

Young, enthusiastic office intern trying to talk his way out of a mistake he knows he made but prese...

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Office Worker Anna Roisman

Awkward office worker tries to get personal with boss in order to advance in the company


Office Worker Nicole Gutteriez

Operator gossiping about her cute or hateful boss on the phone, he appears, and she pretends to talk...