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College Student Danny Fetter

In a date (or meet-cute) type scene a young man repeatedly puts his foot in his mouth.


College Student Hayley Keown

-Deadpan, witty, alternative, chatty, and blunt college age chick.... Confronts her crush. Instead o...


College Student Lindsey Santefort

"Queen Bee" sorority girl manipulates/preps her friend on what to say to the cops regarding an accid...

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College Student Michael Scott Allen

Trying to explain his way out of trouble with the dean or fraternity chair, for a crazy party gone o...

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College Student/Suspect Michael Scott Allen

Accused of a crime he did not commit on his friend or a girl. try to get the interrogating officer t...

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Sorority Sister Nina Walker

Stephanie is an sorority girl with a mission to create a pledge class of rich, pretty, and well conn...


College Student Eugueni Shebshayevich

A college Student trying to seduce his teacher, to give him a passing grade? or confess to a girl th...


College Student Ayesha Adamo

Brainiac, Matilda Steinem, explains her scientific research to a blind date, assuming he has a clue ...


College Student Kathryne Jansen

Telling off her college professor after he just tried to take advantage of her.

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College Student Howard Henley

A college student accused of killing his professor pleads his innocence to a detective in an intervi...


College Student Sophie Webb

A broke but innovative college student explains to her room mate that she has come up with a great n...


College Student Alison Yates

A guy in one of my classes followed me home after a party and raped me. Talking about what happened ...