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Office Worker andrew eiden

The personal assistant to a mean powerful boss momentarily blows up telling them off but immediately...

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Secretary Ellen Lindsay

Judy tells her friend about her last relationship which was great until her boyfriend introduced her...


Medical Examiner Mark Johnston

Comedically crazy forensics scientist all hopped up on caffeine trying to explain why something has ...

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Awkward Virgin Joe Cisternelli

At the end of their first date Adam (me) tries to communicate his feelings to the girl of his dreams...


Best Friend William Peebles

Jealous of his best friends new girl friend, he encourages his friend to dump her!


Date Hilary Herbert

Date gets talked into a ridiculous circumstance she'd desperately like to get out of.


TSA Officer Athos Cakiades

Officer Hartendale preps a passenger for a full cavity search after he refuses to use the body scan ...

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Pageant Contestant Lauren Howard Brown

Miss Texas, a ruthless contestant with her eye on the Miss America crown, uses her passive aggressiv...

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Lawyer Heather Brumley

Katie, a good hearted but insecure lawyer working toward partner, is caught by co-workers hiding beh...