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Community Leader Juliet Ladines

Liz talks about the great (overly ambitious/ridiculous) ideas she has to gain community interest in ...


Boyfriend Craig Fones

A man about to get married tells his soon to be wife that he has been bitten and will be turning int...


High School Student Ashley Arpel

I am attempting to ask a guy I really like out, but I'm talking too fast and my words are jumbled et...

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Secretary Ellen Lindsay

Judy tells her friend about her last relationship which was great until her boyfriend introduced her...


College Student Christina Myers

Blair explains to her employer why she shouldn't get paid for her internship - that it implies more ...


Office Executive Misha Gonz-Cirkl

A logical, smart office exec who has hit bottom with dating gets caught on company time checking out...

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Intern Michelle LaRue

Kim gets caught browsing Facebook instead of working by one of her superiors. She – unsuccessfully –...

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Lawyer Heather Brumley

Katie, a good hearted but insecure lawyer working toward partner, is caught by co-workers hiding beh...

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Office Worker Leanne Linsky

With a wry self-deprecatory humor that becomes at moments quite playful, Edith attempts to be cool a...


TV Host Sherry Finsand

Live on air, this host must fight the sudden overwhelming effects of her strong morning espresso!


Salesperson Koko Sandmeyer

I'm telling the interviewer why and how I'm more successful than all the men our office thanks to my...

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Secretary Amanda Nix

New/nervous secretary keeps screwing things up and then makes them worse. She feels awful and offers...

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Friend Amanda Nix

Girl keeps getting dumped by guys she's not even really dating. Venting about it to a friend or unlo...