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Father Paul Thomas Arnold

Son is giving his dad a hard time because he is being lazy. Dad is trying to get a date.

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Man/Woman Paul Thomas Arnold

Jerry took an unconventional approach to try and save his life.


Father Paul Thomas Arnold

A grieving fathers talks to the camera about his son's death.


Father Paul Thomas Arnold

A father is fed up with his son's careless behavior.


Criminal Paul Thomas Arnold

A criminal talks to his goons about the bank heist

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Nurse Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

Nurse calling a patient to receive his shots.

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Salesperson Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

A customer service representative counsels a challenging customer over the phone.


Father Smith Peters

Jason tries to convince his friend to help him sneak into Space X so he can figure out time travel.

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Father Paul Thomas Arnold

Father is saying his goodbye to his son on his deathbed.


Boxer Harry Farmer

Boxer warming up for the fight of his life, he's over-matched and seriously injured, telling coach h...

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Con Artist Harry Farmer

Shrewd Young Salesperson is trying to convince Mysterious Drifter that he can increase his small-tim...

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Musician Harry Farmer

Rock N Rolla type who can't get attached to things because everything always goes away in the end. ...


Lawyer Retta Putignano

Trying to convince battered wife to testify against her husband.