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Romantic Lead Summer Roberts

Emily is telling her friend about her perfect day. She is ecstatic because she saw her favorite cele...

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Mistress Summer Roberts

A young woman seduces her colleague in hopes of obtaining vital information.

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Medical Patient Summer Roberts

Jane recalls her car accident. Her friends are dead and she can never dance again.

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Victim Summer Roberts

Allison has a gun and is threatening to kill her boyfriend if he beats her one more time.


Girl Grace Rehorn

A genuine girl shows her growth and strength when she stands up for what she believes in.

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Best Friend Grace Rehorn

A sweet but shallow high school girl convinces her friend to give up her baby.

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College Student Grace Rehorn

Terrified "good girl" is interrogated about the disappearance of a friend who she left drunk at a pa...


Guidance Counselor bernadett belinda york

Dark Comedy. Miss Hahn is a raunchy guidance counselor giving innapropriately bad advice to a young ...

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Suspect bernadett belinda york

A woman explaining to the detective why she killed her mother

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Nurse bernadett belinda york

A nurse tries to convince her supervisor to bend the rules and allow a young woman to see her father...


Female Warrior bernadett belinda york

A warrior motivates her group to keep fighting despite the perils surrounding them.


Romantic Lead Michelle McKee

Woman reveals to best friend about her difficult choice between two men.


Survivor Eimanne Zein

Making a plea to rally her defeated group in order to continue to fight for their survival

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Girlfriend Eimanne Zein

Girlfriend is questioning her boyfriend's commitment to the relationship.

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Father Paul Thomas Arnold

Son is giving his dad a hard time because he is being lazy. Dad is trying to get a date.

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Man/Woman Paul Thomas Arnold

Jerry took an unconventional approach to try and save his life.


Father Paul Thomas Arnold

A grieving fathers talks to the camera about his son's death.


Father Paul Thomas Arnold

A father is fed up with his son's careless behavior.


Criminal Paul Thomas Arnold

A criminal talks to his goons about the bank heist

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Husband Octävio Quilichini

Telling wife why their relationship must end


Devil Octävio Quilichini

The Devil talking to a woman at a bar and persuading her to come back to his place.


Doctor Octävio Quilichini

A doctor empathizes with the mother of his patient.


Daughter Tasha Tormey

Strong high school senior confronts her mother who abandoned her when she was a child.