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Coach Jamal Johnson

Retired athlete gives a motivational speech.

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Lawyer Mark Avis

Lawyer telling defendant's father that he can't use the law to teach his son a lesson.


Office Worker Jeffrey Patton

A manager in a meeting "practicing" how he is going to address the team about the slumping profits.


Criminal Jerry Hansen

Hit man is forced to kill his own brother-in-law or sister-in-law.

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Father Jerry Hansen

His wife passing away over 5-years ago, married for 30 years, he is now accepting a blind date his d...

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Sports Coach Jerry Hansen

A must-win, hard-ass coach lecturing his team during half time of a championship game.


Detective Jerry Hansen

Older, seasoned detective trying to protect his job knowing his younger aggressive partner is trying...


Lawyer Chaz Tolbert

Lawyer tells his client that he still knows how it works on the street