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Wife Theresa Hayes

A woman blackmails her husband into signing divorce papers without making a scene.


Mother Neda Armstrong

Mother accuses teacher of harshly grading her son.

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Wife Neda Armstrong

Mary confronts her husband about money missing from their savings account, and believes he's been se...


Mistress Yasemin Allen

Katie tells Jason she can't keep seeing him, because she has fallen in love with him and it hurts to...


Date Melissa Williams

Sara is out on a blind date and she has OCD. She is cleaning her silverware, checking the glass for ...

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Doctor Melissa Williams

Doctor tells her colleague that there is room for faith and science in the medical field.

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Millitary Wife Melissa Williams

A military wife is over her husband's lack of time for the family, and his level of commitment to hi...


Geek Jenna Lex

A freshman tries to act cool around a popular girl while still refusing a cigarette.

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Nurse Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

Nurse calling a patient to receive his shots.

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Salesperson Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

A customer service representative counsels a challenging customer over the phone.

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Intern Sierra Narciese

A rising professional awkwardly flirts with her boss.

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Best Friend Sierra Narciese

A confident woman defends herself against a former friend.

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Romantic Lead Jocelyn Ranne

A vulnerable woman is asking the guy she is dating to be honest with her about his feelings.


Nurse Alison Weismiller

A head nurse warns her rule-breaking boss about her inappropriate behavior.


Wife Jocelyn Ranne

A responsible wife is fed up with her husband’s physical and emotional abuse.

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Queen Jocelyn Ranne

A queen decides the fate of a captured adversary, who is raging, obsessive, and terrifying.

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Assistant Jocelyn Ranne

An assistant is calling out her politician boss on his behavior.

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Teacher Jill Maglione

Seemingly sweet preschool teacher extorts extra classroom funds from the PTA president after PTA pre...

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Mother Jan Haley-Soule

Molly tells her daughter that she and her dad are divorcing.


Realtor Jan Haley-Soule

Sexy realtor seducing a client into placing a bid on the property.


Nurse Jan Haley-Soule

ER nurse talks to the family of the patient about the upcoming procedure.


Lawyer Fatimah Hassan

A lawyer tells her client, who continues to break the law, that money won't solve the problem this t...