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Suspect Syd Wilder

Girlfriend was framed for killing her boyfriends father. Or accused of killing her father after she ...

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Victim Lauren Carter

Victim - I have no idea. My potential agent said 'victim' and I used to get callbacks to CSI. A CS...

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Suspect Stefanie Stevens

Woman annoyed that she's being interrogated.


Detective Keith Sutliff

Detective is doing all he can to interrogate the suspect to make him admit to the crime and call his...

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Victim Jenna Bryant

Girl getting jumped on the street tries to fight back -- then gets pinned to a wall and has to spill...


Detective Theo Handen

character looks through files and points out anomolies to the story the suspect has told him. leans...

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Detective Gill Hellmund

Pointing a gun at a Perp....trying to calm the assailant down, asking him "is this worth loosing you...


Lab Technician Shane Denil

I am trying to explain to the new local detective the technicalities of the evidence at hand, but th...

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FBI Agent Ernie Paris

Murder of a fellow FBI agent and friend. I want to get a close and an arrest for a resolve to this c...

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Reporter Janet Chu

A distress and vulnerable reporter held hostage by terrorist forced to send a message to the world b...

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Criminal Liza Hernandez

i would like do something involving action if possible think angelina jolie


Suspect Kevin Brown

still,creepy, fearless murder suspect you are drawn to...challenging and defiant in interrogation


FBI Agent Eric Feldman

FBI agent, gun drawn on armed suspect, has a come to Jesus talk with him. (no non-sense)


Lawyer Eugueni Shebshayevich

The Lawyer is trying to get the defendant to tell the truth about the murder. Or the Lawyer is defen...

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Murderer / Psycho Eugueni Shebshayevich

A scene similar to when the man is being interrogated by the CSI members about the body / Crazy pers...


Witness Karina Lissi-Du Bois

The CSI police is investigating a stolen vehicle involved in an accident were her brother is killed...


Suspect Zac Burk

Kevin killed his sister and is being interogated by the detective

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Suspect Caty Bastareaud

Interrogation room/ she thinks she commited the perfect crime and is going to walk away with it sinc...

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Detective Bill Gardiner

Detective appealing for help to keep pervert behind bars

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Suspect Leandra Ryan

College girl found her roommate dead. Now she's being interrogated and can't handle the pressure, or...