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Wife Theresa Hayes

A woman blackmails her husband into signing divorce papers without making a scene.

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Lawyer Adam Wasser

A lawyer explains to the police officer that he has no evidence to hold his client.


Wife Lahela Garner

A wife says her final goodbye to her dying partner at the hospital.

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Teacher Arash Aiinehsazian

Vincent awkwardly propositions the mother of a student in his class.

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Friend Sean Simmons

John finds out that Sarah was stringing a guy along with no intention of being in a relationship wit...

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Nurse Adriana Colón

Nurse encourages a patient to take time to think about how to handle her unplanned pregnancy.


Journalist Adriana Colón

Laura calls out her Editor-in-Chief for shelving her exposé on the Attorney General.


Suspect Ryan Taylor

A girl pleads her case and firmly states her innocence.


Navy SEAL Taylor Catlin

Navy SEAL expresses his pain and frustration after losing a young team member during a dangerous ope...

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Romantic Lead Taylor Catlin

Lucas is telling his best friend, Jon, that he is going to propose to Vanessa.

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Mistress Summer Roberts

A young woman seduces her colleague in hopes of obtaining vital information.

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Medical Patient Summer Roberts

Jane recalls her car accident. Her friends are dead and she can never dance again.

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Victim Summer Roberts

Allison has a gun and is threatening to kill her boyfriend if he beats her one more time.


Girl Grace Rehorn

A genuine girl shows her growth and strength when she stands up for what she believes in.

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Best Friend Grace Rehorn

A sweet but shallow high school girl convinces her friend to give up her baby.

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College Student Grace Rehorn

Terrified "good girl" is interrogated about the disappearance of a friend who she left drunk at a pa...


Surfer Jacob Makabi

Surfer begs his coach to allow him to compete.


Daughter Vilma Llaguno

Politician's daughter speaks to press about a scandal in her father's campaign.

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Lawyer Georgina Bekerian

A lawyer graciously intimidates her opponent.

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Medical Intern Georgina Bekerian

Medical intern makes a mistake during surgery causing a patient's death.


Romantic Lead Alyssa Anthony

A southern belle struggles to tell a man she's slept with that she’s pregnant.


Warrior Aonghus O Dorchaidch

Warrior telling a friend/fellow warrior what happened that night in the sword battle.