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Coach Jamal Johnson

Retired athlete gives a motivational speech.

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Lawyer Mark Avis

Lawyer telling defendant's father that he can't use the law to teach his son a lesson.

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Office Worker Jeffrey Patton

A manager in a meeting "practicing" how he is going to address the team about the slumping profits.


Criminal Jerry Hansen

Hit man is forced to kill his own brother-in-law or sister-in-law.

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Father Jerry Hansen

His wife passing away over 5-years ago, married for 30 years, he is now accepting a blind date his d...


Sports Coach Jerry Hansen

A must-win, hard-ass coach lecturing his team during half time of a championship game.


Detective Jerry Hansen

Older, seasoned detective trying to protect his job knowing his younger aggressive partner is trying...

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Lawyer Chaz Tolbert

Lawyer tells his client that he still knows how it works on the street

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Husband Chaz Tolbert

Killer admits to stabbing the victim 14 times