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Girlfriend Retta Putignano

Breaking up over conflicting social networking sites test.


Roommate Lianna Liew

Bossy and neurotic, Shannon, lays down the house rules after her roommate's messy, filthy habits irr...

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Barista Lisa D'Alessandro

A quirky girl finds out that her love interest is on his way to the cafe she works at while she is s...

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Office Worker Chris Gustin

Nervous employee digs his own grave by explaining the perks of having a female boss… to his female b...


Best Friend Matt Barnick

In love with my roomate but she sees me as a best friend but has underlying feelings for me as well.


Florist Erin Maxick

A warm loving florist flirts with customer by revealing her unhinged obsession with flowers

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Best Friend Claire Brueckner

My best friend's husband is cheating on her and I must confront her about it.


Best Friend Justin Alexio

I'm trying to console my friend over a break up or if that's too hack maybe I'm trying to hide somet...

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Girlfriend Ana Luiza Garcia

Lilly found out that her boyfriend cheated on her so she wants the Break-up to me the most humiliati...

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Boyfriend Marco Silvestri

Innocent dreamer/slacker type doesn't know how to dump his girlfriend, so asks his mom to tell her.


Upperclass Woman Angela Golden

Telling her husband how she can't go back to rags from riches...(Rodeo' Dr. to Rodeo Blvd, buying cl...

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Best Friend Jenny Lin

Unattainable single best friend gives advice on the dating rules and how women need to be 'pursued'.


Date Jeff Hunter

A date that starts on the wrong foot when the woman he meet looks NOTHING like the picture...

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Office Executive Cristal Walker

Girl gives her boss a piece of her mind after he asks her to go get him coffee in addition to everyt...

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Roommate Trevor Bryant

Jordan comes home to find his roommate Jon has destroyed their place with his art project.

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Boyfriend Robby Descant

Late 20's Dude. Girlfriend interaction. Funny Sex Scene or Fight scenario. ie. Premature Ejaculation...


Boyfriend Steve Dressler

Guy tries to breakup with girlfriend but says he's just kidding


Girlfriend Lissy Smith

"Guys-girl" tells dude friend (that like's her) that she's just wants to drink beer, watch the game ...

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Best Friend Matt Zeidman

Eric has to listen to exciting story of friends big promotion, having just been laid off.


Date Kathleen Nielson

Strong executive stands up for herself