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Prostitute Michelle Ashley Matthews

Prostitue has information on a criminal regarding a drug bust that happened right before she was arr...


Date Michelle Ashley Matthews

Girl on a date tries to answer a tough question.


Teacher Talon DESOTO

Teacher tries to prevent colleague from getting on the board.


Nurse Alison Weismiller

A head nurse warns her rule-breaking boss about her inappropriate behavior.

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Best Friend Brian Pietro

A man tells his friend about an out-of-body experience he recently went through.


Police Informant Brian Kurtis

A thug persuades a detective to drop the charges against him in exchange for incriminating informati...


Lawyer James Recalde

Lawyer tries to encourage his colleague not to give up.

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FBI Agent Christa Sibbett

IFBI agent trusts her intuition and decides to investigate a potential suspect.

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Lawyer Christa Sibbett

Lawyer is ready to do anything to get a shot.

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Lawyer Christa Sibbett

A woman at the gym comes to the crude realization that she is in the men’s locker room.

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Doctor Christa Sibbett

A doctor seeks advice or strength from her fellow doctor so she can inform the family of the passing...

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Spy Luciana Vara

The moment she catches the bad guy or the moment she gets caught as the bad guy. Or the moment she w...

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Cheerleader Lyndsey Scott

Head cheerleader goes from catty to full-on angry drill sergeant mode as she preps the girls for the...

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IT Expert/Hacker korbin miles

IT expert/hacker uses his technical jargon and computer to explain how he has solved the case and he...


Best Friend Lyndsey Scott

Scene #2334 in database: Girl tells best female friend her true feelings about her. (that she loves ...

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Sociopath korbin miles

He is trying to explain why he thought what he did was right/ok

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Wife Deborah Meister

Wife trying to find out the state of her husband after an accident/military attack. She herself is a...