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Nerd (College Age) Dave Wallace

I’m an energetic but socially awkward nerd who attempts to go through with the most nerve-wrecking m...

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Roommate Ryan Popowcer

Joe meets his new roommate for the first time to find out he is very messy, which is the complete op...


Girlfriend Simone Zucato

This girl is having a very funny nervous breakdown. She is a perfeccionist. She wabts everything to ...

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Best Friend Craig Fones

Best Friend trying to give an inspirational speech to his buddy on how they can win the country club...

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Roommate Cash Black

I'm trying to explain how the x men relationship between gambit and rogue is the best because they a...


Nerd Mark Johnston

Nervous & Anxious Nerd trying his best to ask a pretty girl out on a date.

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College Student Victor Manso

Overconfident, unaware, college student (caught between the computer wiz and the popular clicks) tri...


Boyfriend Hiro Matsunaga

Convincing Ex-girl friend how I am not scared of dark or horror movies any more. so she will ditch t...


Type A know it all Vijaya Kumari

Rani has come all the way from India to talk to her son's nerdy roommates whose "mistreatments" are ...


Roommate Marc Cubelli

A roomate is calling out his fellow roomate for something incredibly stupid that he has done - somet...


College Student Ayesha Adamo

Brainiac, Matilda Steinem, explains her scientific research to a blind date, assuming he has a clue ...


Girlfriend Kathryne Jansen

Girlfriend yells at boyfriend for buying her the wrong icecream while shes on her period.

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Shy guy Joe McGovern

Guy at the door of the apartment of the girl in his building that he's had a crush on forever, tryin...