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Customer Caren Larkey

Older woman doesn't want to wait in line - anywhere - dr. office, elevator, cust. service area

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Grandmother Caren Larkey

Explaining my youth to my Grandchildren - character is inappropriate, or mischeivious or potty mouth


Animal psychic Mary Linda Rapelye

Animal psychic explaining to a little girl what's wrong with Herman's attitude whom we discover is a...


Salesperson Lindsay Klug

Door to door saleswoman attempts to sell main character a vacuum cleaner. "They suck!"

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Office Intern Dayne Barkley

New eager intern tries really hard to impress the office staff failing miserably, whilst the audio i...

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Mother Jessica Porter

Jane believes her 11-year old son is a prodigy and would like to share his ideas about running Pawne...


Boyfriend Tyler Cowan

Charlie is trying to talk his way out of lie with his girlfriend. Charlie is charming/corky/a little...


College Student Cash Black

I'm trying to do math homework with my roommate but I just can not understand how to do fractions

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Office Worker Charlotte Ubben

She is describing how she is the most qualified and the hottest girl in the office during an intervi...

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Camp Counselor Jonathan Sterritt

Enthusiastic camp counselor who is way more into the activities then the kids...working maybe too ha...


New Role Raja Deka

Oliver overwhelms new neighbors while welcoming them to the neighborhood and neighborhood social eve...


Intern Lisa Bargman

An overenthusiastic college student is telling her new boss how excited she is to be the best intern...


Office Worker Kotaro Watanabe

Tom is about to be fired in his boss' office. Tries to convince him to keep him by listing his achie...

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Bartender Anna Roisman

witty bartender tells a drunk female guest that the guy doesn't like her