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Best Friend Leah Trank

A girl next door type, who is absolutely terrible at telling her best friend that she is in love wit...

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Friend mihaela gavrila

Mina is lying about loosing her phone and not being able to return a call while the phone starts rin...


Secretary Katie Amess

Minilogue - An innocent dumb Southern belle explains to her co worker why she didn't complete the re...


Roommate Shannon Bruno

Girl desperately tries to get her male roommate to talk about an embarrassing incident in which she ...

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Bartender Dayne Barkley

Whilst working, Ben shares his feelings about a girl he might be in love with, with a stranger who d...

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Best Friend Natalia Cheba

Jewel discovers that her best friends boyfriend is not who he says he is and decides to confront him...


Intern Brian Chin

An energetic and neurotic intern (who sometimes can’t get the hint that he is annoying) gives his bo...

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Best Friend Christopher Baker

An incredibly vain yet insecure guy describes why his friend should follow the same beauty regimen a...

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Lawyer Nicholas Bravo

Corky tries to convince the main character that he/she has a case when he/she really doesn't.

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Office Worker Melissa Paul

Jamie is a B I T C H. Always making sure the convo around the water cooler is focused on her and her...


Nerdy Assistant Erin Collins

Nerdy assistant asking to hang out with the cool co-workers (or something like this - some uncomfort...


Bartender Chelsea Didier

Neurotic, sassy, sarcastic rant to a customer about men. Maybe she finally met a great guy but there...


Nerd Ashley Arpel

I am an Intern/co-worker at my very first job, and I am unfortunately being fired. I have no idea h...

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Romantic Lead Kristyn Chalker

Telling my best guy friend why it would be a terrible idea for us to start sleeping together just be...


Secretary Kerri Duncan

A young woman has to explain to an over confident "2" why she's not interested in dating him. She's ...

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Nerd Courtney Allyson

Molly, a shy and "adorkable" young woman, is trying unsuccessfully (and awkwardly) to confess her fe...


College Student Hannah Flattery

Sweet but ditzy student who is late for class, and/or has forgotten her assignment- gives a bad excu...


Girlfriend Laura Hartley

Quirky, sweet, slightly awkward girl is on a date with her boyfriend, he starts talking about marria...


Date Nicholas Dostal

Silly, full of himself but slightly dumb dude does his best to hit on a girl.

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Girlfriend Ariella Cohen

A girl just tries to cover for accidentally calling her date the name of a different guy she's datin...


Yoga Instructor Bethany Koulias

Spring is here! With innocent joy I relish the celebration of the growing Earth Mother in new-agey w...