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Daughter Alicia Gakima

Sorority girl turned hippie. After graduating college Julia spends a whole summer in India. Her once...

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Boyfriend Thomas McNamara

A sweet guy telling a girl he likes that he doesn't want to be her stupid friend he wants to be her ...


Best Friend Robert Decker

A lovable loser makes a desperate attempt to pursuade his best friend to participate in his latest h...


Secretary Rosa Millan

Riley is taking a routine personal phone call, helping her friend with a problem, a break up, etc. ...

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Boyfriend Tanner Anderson

Josh's girlfriend is mad at him because he takes longer than she does to get ready for dinner


Best Friend Jonathan Popp

A dreamer awkwardly asking the girl of his dreams out on a date and having it go horribly wrong.

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party girl Anny Taormina

sexy yet quirky party girl pursues hottie virgin next door to have sex with her through her lovable ...


Bartender Bobby Gilchrist

a beautiful bar-patron's blind date doesn't show up so Caleb the bartender seizes the opportunity to...

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Awkward Virgin Joe Cisternelli

At the end of their first date Adam (me) tries to communicate his feelings to the girl of his dreams...

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Romantic Lead Danny Araujo

a cocky guys asks an attractive girl on a date because his friends bet he didn't have the guts.


Romantic Lead Carina Heath

Well-intentioned young woman attempts to diplomatically break up with a man before things get too se...


Best Friend Jessica Ramsey

Amber is telling her male childhood best friend that he needs to get his act together; He is better ...


Failing seductress Sarah Meltzer

She really likes Ted, has planned a romantic evening but her body/mouth seems to get in the way of t...

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Womanizer Tomek Kosalka

Womanizer telling others how to handle women in order to get what they want

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Date Kristen De Luca

Intelligent woman's first date