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Wife Theresa Hayes

A woman blackmails her husband into signing divorce papers without making a scene.

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Lawyer Adam Wasser

A lawyer explains to the police officer that he has no evidence to hold his client.


Wife Lahela Garner

A wife says her final goodbye to her dying partner at the hospital.

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Director Lahela Garner

A director provides feedback to one of the actors.

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Teacher Arash Aiinehsazian

Vincent awkwardly propositions the mother of a student in his class.

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Teacher Mark Blowers

Nervous and flustered first-year teacher tries to gently talk down a male student who he thinks is c...


Husband Christopher Tessla

A husband nervously denies to his wife a brief, deadly encounter with a stripper.


Father Christopher Tessla

Father warning his son about girls whose sole mission is to get pregnant and force a guy into marria...

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Friend Sean Simmons

Justin tell his best friend he had sex with her best friend in her parent's home on Thanksgiving.

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Friend Sean Simmons

John finds out that Sarah was stringing a guy along with no intention of being in a relationship wit...

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Nurse Adriana Colón

Nurse encourages a patient to take time to think about how to handle her unplanned pregnancy.

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Teacher Adriana Colón

Miss Franco rambles to her fellow teacher about how she is *not* amused by the trend of prom-posals....


Journalist Adriana Colón

Laura calls out her Editor-in-Chief for shelving her exposé on the Attorney General.

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Activist Adriana Colón

Carina convinces Eduardo to not go with her to a protest because she can tell he's still shaken up f...


High School Student Jacob Makabi

I get a fake id thats totally un-passable, I give a way out there explanation/excuse that shows I'm ...