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Personal Assistant Darby Steeves

Woman gets fired, but before leaving she unloads all bottled up anger on her boss, Tina Fey Style.


Salesperson Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

A customer service representative counsels a challenging customer over the phone.


Translator Isabelle Sitterle

On the stand during a trial, a translator explains her involvement with a pending murder case


Office Executive Nancy Finn

An executive is stuck teaching her inept subordinate how to shut down a computer for the day.

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Office Worker Erin Triplett

Rosie is very flustered upon meeting the man of her dreams in her typically boring office.

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Office Worker mayra martinek

Quirky girl realizes that the guy she had a one night stand with is her boss' son.

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Office Worker Shba Cochrane

Kelly is determined to find the person that is stealing her food from the fridge.

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Hacker Aaron Takahashi

Trying to counter a computer virus before it's too late.


Intern Jasmine Moton

Tracy is upset that other girls are getting ahead at her workplace.

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Co-Worker Erica Auerbach

Crazy, fast talking, nutty girl explains to her co-worker how she's been cyber stalking this guy aft...


Office Worker Whittney Williams

The office worker talking to her boss about how she deserves a raise because she is bilingual in Man...


Secretary Melania Hillery

Nosey secretary explains who she thinks is having an office romance.


Office Worker Christopher Rob Bowen

Office co-worker trying to talk his way out of a "foot-in-mouth" situation.

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Office Worker Matthew Kranyak

This character is like a male version of April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) from Parks And Recreation.


Office Worker Elyssa Phillips

Ally McBeal "neurotic" type; career-girl trying to get ahead with her boss, who is sort of annoyed b...


Office Worker Jeffrey Patton

A manager in a meeting "practicing" how he is going to address the team about the slumping profits.

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Office Worker AJ Ruiz

I am an office worker in big financial trouble who just got fired from his job and asking boss to re...