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Jeffrey Boulton

The Snarky College student has met the school's most successful and richest playboy to do an alumni ...

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Partygoer Ayesha Adamo

Cinematic, not TV. If you don't know Groove, here's the trailer to know the world we're dealing in:...


Wife Ayesha Adamo

Lady Macbeth tells her husband to grow a pair. Already sent the Shakespeare text to you. Not the a...


Bride Ayesha Adamo

Portia makes vows with her new husband Bassanio. Already sent the text. Not the delivery, but chec...


Upperclass Woman Ayesha Adamo

The Millionairess schools her solicitor/lawyer on how the law actually works. Already emailed the t...

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Upperclass Woman Ayesha Adamo

Gwendolyn makes semi-ridiculous conversation with Cecily over tea and cake. Already sent the text. ...

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Flight Attendant Melissa Stein

She is dealing with an old lady who has dementia and is trying to check in for a flight in first cla...

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Medical Examiner Melissa Stein

Liza is out for a drink with a close friend after her shift and is trying to decide whether or not t...


Hiker Melissa Stein

A woman on a hike in the Rocky Mountains gets lost and is forced to seek refuge from a storm in a tr...


Secret agent Veronica Tharma

Talking to a superior and explaining something (I'm right but no ones listens)


Victim Breanna Baker

Fire, explosion, natural disaster victim, strong character worn out yet maybe fighting for life, cry...


Best Friend Breanna Baker

1 scene option for this role: PG. Smart Helpful College Best Friend. Think Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bled...


Victim Breanna Baker

Fire, explosion, natural disaster victim, strong character worn out yet maybe fighting for life, cry...

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College Student Ashley Park

A college student (perhaps a sorority girl) realizes her boyfriend/friend/family member is dead beca...


Nice Guy August Medina

Nice guy reminisces to childhood best friend about how she was his first kiss when they played spin ...


Posessed Girl Anastasia Leschak

Like Ali Larter in Heroes that has two personalities, the good girl and then the other one that take...

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Military Rafael Cansino

Recently out of the war, talking to a psychiatrist about his P.T.S.D from the massacre he witnessed,...


Politician Chaise Tait

A young politician refuses a bribe and chides the person who makes him the offer.

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Detective Jon Tosetti

Detective Jack is discussing with his partner the evidence, clues and suspects of a serial murder ca...


Roommate Lilly Dennis

Confronting roommate about being inconsiderate by imposing on my personal things.


Boxer Harry Farmer

Boxer warming up for the fight of his life, he's over-matched and seriously injured, telling coach h...

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Naive Young Detective Chaise Tait

Naive Young Detective wants to gain information about the murder of the Abused Daughter's father. D...

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Con Artist Harry Farmer

Shrewd Young Salesperson is trying to convince Mysterious Drifter that he can increase his small-tim...